About Me

Hi, I’m Charlie. I’m a web developer with a knack for web design and beautiful web products. I built WPMovieLibrary, I run OnEnAGros!, and I offer custom developments and services around WordPress.

I’ve been in the Web for years, learning HTML in the early 2000s. I spent some time on the server side of programming with my first discover of Linux in 2002. I’ve learned C, C++, Java and shreds of Python and Perl, to finally settle in the dreaded world of PHP.

I love design. I’ve played with cameras for about a decade now, and that taste for beautiful views deeply affected my path through web development, making me lean more and more towards web design. My work now aims to perfectly match qualitative code and nicely shaped designs.

This blog is quoted “A professional reminder of usefull things to share” and as such, will focus on web-related stuff that made my work easier and will probably help some people out there, making it worth the share.